Laurie Penner lives the city of Yreka in Siskiyou County, California, approximately twenty five miles from the Oregon border.  Laurie and her husband, David, built their own house on three acres of southern exposure hillside land.

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The area just around their home is considered to be a deer wintering area – a ‘wilderness interface’ so newborn fawns are expected each year.  There are also bucks especially during hunting season.  The bucks know you can’t hunt within a half mile of the city limits.  So there’s quite a crowd of them in Yreka each year.

curious buck

Laurie and Dave see tree squirrels, blue jays, acorn woodpeckers, wood hatches, red tail hawks, and occasionally, eagles, bobcats, and bear.

IMG_5045 Happily, they haven’t seen a mountain lion yet.  Once a buffalo was spotted in town.  Occasionally, rattling snakes come by.  They do think they got a picture of bigfoot…

The Dave

By the way:  If you are ever driving in this area, remember when you see a doe and fawn cross the highway in front of you, that there are often twin fawns.  Watch for that second fawn to run out to follow it’s mother and sibling across the road.Fawn 007

Isn’t it cute!

— Dave<><