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From Dave:

These music pages are not commercially motivated.  All the recordings available as songs, instrumentals, and or albums are  free for listening.  If you have a digital recorder and a stereo patch cord, you can record all of the music free.

If you feel you must buy the recordings, you can click through, using the links on the music player apps to where there is an opportunity to specify how much the you want to pay.  At, I have left a one dollar minimum per album for its support for hosting the recordings and providing the player apps.  They also provide a track downloading service for purchasers.

I have come to realize that my support is from God.  I am set apart for God’s purpose.  In my case it means I cannot expect to receive monetary support from the sale of the music I record.  I do hope you will listen and receive a blessing.

Figuring out how to record a song is like solving a puzzle.  I have tried my best to interpret each song into a form that brings across what the song is about.  This never ends, so you may find more than one version of a song in these pages. For instance, the original analog version of “Cross Ahead of You”, with Laurie singing the lead is song #7 on the “That I May Know Him” album, while a newer version that I sing is song #3 on “THE FAM” and #3 on “Gilgal“.  I like both versions.

I intend to re-record a few songs in the basic “microphone and chair” format.   For example, the song, Isaiah, song #8 on the Building Up album was recorded in the “microphone and chair” format.  Later, I added four low piano notes to the recording, but for the most part it still is the “microphone and chair” format.

Thank you for reading.  As a friend has said to me many times,

“Be blessed.  It’s not an option.”