A Contemporary Christian Band: 1976-1979

In memory of Larry and Debbie, who have gone to be with Jesus.


Above: Larry, Robin, Jim, Debbie, Dave (me), and Jeff.

I’ve taken the liberty of posting pictures of Promise and the song tracks from the Demo we recorded in 1978.  We hoped the demo would open the door to a recording contract for the group.

We did get a response from Good News record company, after they had changed their administration.  The new president of the company found our demo under some papers on his desk.  He liked the tracks and offered to sign us on.  But by then it was too late.  The group had disbanded.


Left to right: Jim, Robin, Debbie, Jeff (behind Debbie), Larry, and Dave (me).  Jeff is on the far right in the black and white picture above.

Both of the group photos were taken in 1978, during a celebration of supporters at the home of Fred Jordan, who had the ‘Church in the Home’ program on Trinity Broadcasting Network television.  Laurie and I took a break in our honeymoon to join the group at the Jordon house, near 29 Palms.

The band played on a few of Fred’s programs.  The stage was set up on the street outside Fred’s rescue mission in downtown Los Angeles.

Larry was our leader, main song writer, and the most experienced of us all.  Jim and Jeff were also seasoned professionals.  Robin and Debbie could sing harmonies a half step apart accurately.  I was the least experienced of them all.  I can’t remember everyone’s last names so I’m not using anyone’s.

Pedro from Mustard Seed Faith helped us out with synthesizer and tenor sax,  Marty played the nine foot Yamaha grand piano, and Alex played congas.

The last time I saw Robin was at Larry’s funeral.  Debbie was there too.  She had tracked me down in the far north of California, (Yreka), and asked me to come back to Southern California to sing in the service.  After that, in what seemed like a short time, Debbie was gone too.

Trivia:   The tracks were originally recorded in analog (not digital).  The recorder was a 16 track 3M reel to reel that used tape two inches wide.  Our lush reverb was a long hallway with a speaker at one end and microphone at the other.  It worked very well…  Unfortunately, we didn’t have a good kick drum microphone.

More Trivia:  We were invited by Maranatha Records to sing on the Praise 3 album.  Several members went on to sing on a few more of the Praise series albums.




Left:   Me, helping set up at another event.