That I May Know Him

Laurie Sings and Dave helps out.


Laurie began writing these songs about forty years ago. The songs are born out of her relationship with the living God.

Jesus was sent to Earth to demonstrate by his miracles that he was the Son of the living God, he was sent by God, and his word was true.  He came to teach all people how easy it is to have eternal life.

All songs by Laurie Penner. 
Larry O. Hill - keyboard on Cross Ahead of You
Guitar and Vocals - Laurie Penner 
Arrangements, guitars and extra instruments 
and vocals - David Penner. 
The early songs were recorded with an 
analog recorder. 
They have been updated in the digital realm. 

All scripture songs from the 
New American Standard Bible 
are copyrighted by the Lockman Foundation 
1960,1962, 1963, 1968, 1971.